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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1162115452914820072963902162Wajahat KhanAuburn2018/2019Fourth Grade3 1Mt Pritchard-Southern Districts
211721036314820072956176117*Martin M AzzimiAuburn2018/2019Second Grade6 1Balmain South Sydney
311624078714820072948137116*Nasir JalilAuburn2018/2019First Grade8 1Pennant Hills
411387892714820072956141113*Zubair K JadoonAuburn2018/2019Second Grade1 1Georges River
511017987714820072948118110*Ardil DomingoAuburn2018/2019First Grade5 2Warringah
610879237214820072956278108*Nathan E SadanandanAuburn Gold2018/2019Tim Creer Cup B Division7 1North West Sydney
7103141565014820072963959103Zeeshan HaiderAuburn2018/2019Fourth Grade11 1Epping
810097373914820072956242100*Eshaan PathakAuburn Colts2018/2019Tim Creer Cup B Division1 1North West Sydney
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 100 and 150 runs.

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