Woolworths Cricket Blast

For Boys & Girls aged between 5 - 10 years of age.


Auburn District Cricket Club in conjunction with Cricket NSW is running the Woolworths Cricket Blast Programme. Master Blasters is a super fun, social, safe, cricket program for boys and girls aged 7 to 10. The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, with a maximum of 90 minutes playing time. All the equipment is supplied and the games take place at Mona Park each week.


Designed by Cricket NSW, one of the primary aims of the program is to teach participants in a fun way, the basic skills of cricket in how to catch a ball, throw a ball, field a ball and hit a ball when batting. The programme is also designed to help build the confidence in participants to try something new, as well as teaching them how to participate in a team environment.

The programme consists of a number of varied activities that have been designed by Cricket NSW relating to the basics of cricket such as catching, throwing and batting. For further information contact Col Monro on 0421 056 062 or click here to email.


The link to register for the program is:

For aged 5-7 Woolworths Junior Blasters


for aged 7-10 Woolworths Masters Blasters