Sydney Shires

Sydney Shires is a Sydney based competition for anyone who wants to play in very strong and well organised cricket competition.  Shires also provides a pathway for cricketers looking to play Premier Grade cricket.  Mitchell Starc is a good example of a young player who took the path via our club.

The Club has a pathway system in place with Fairfield Liverpool who play in the Premier Competition allowing players to seamlessly move between competitions.

All Seniors matches are played on turf and official umpires are provided for all Shires grades and the Frank Gray Shield (under 24's competition). The club has teams, from 1st Grade to 5th grade. in addition there are Chappelow Cup Cup teams which are regarded as the club's sixth grade; and a Masters (over 40) team. All teams are selected on performance and ability each round.

The competition is regarded as the second strongest in Sydney behind Premier cricket with 1st grade being of a very high standard. Matches are played every Saturday afternoon with one day games starting earlier, two day games are 82 overs per day. There is also a representative under 24’s competition known as the Frank Gray Shield where the best of the younger players are chosen to play other Shires clubs, there are approximately 7 games per year played on Sundays.

Auburn is considered one of the stronger clubs within the competition and also one of the most multicultural. The club has won multiple Club Championships which determines the strongest overall club in the competition and has made the finals in most grades regularly over the past decade.

Overseas players are more than welcome to enquire, please ensure all relevant visas are arranged prior to playing. You can check out the clubs facilities here.

Pre season starts in early August with the season commencing in late September. Grade selection trials commence from late August which determines what grade a player will start the season in.

If you are interested in playing Shires please call Mike Wood on 0418 470 924 or email him here. Players of all ages are welcome.